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Maturity Alignment in Dimensions of Enterprise Origin

In short: MAIDEO

MAIDEO is a new Maturity model for project-based organizations. It was introduced in the book HybridP3M.

This platform supports official assessment based on MAIDEO.

How does it work?

Every mature project consists of a number of sub-functions (see the Figure below). And each function has a corresponding process. These processes form the foundation of the HybridP3M methodology, and MAIDEO complements this key methodology.

Fig.1 - Project Enterprise Functions.

MAIDEO measures the maturity of each individual function, taking into account organizational dimensions, namely:

  • Strategy & Policy
  • Process & Organization
  • Monitoring & Control
  • People & Culture
  • IT

The implication is that requirements as part of the survey relate to processes, maturity levels, and dimensions.

The output of the survey includes Organizational Project and Programme Maturity. This is represented by a spider graph based on the five dimensions of an organization.

Secondly, the maturity levels of each sub-function are calculated. This is one figure, an average, and is mainly based on requirements related to Process and Organization.

Process and Organization is the most dominant dimension. In the future, as the body of knowledge will grow with new requirements, each sub-function will have its own spider graph based, taking into account all five dimensions.

Fig.2 - Sample Enterprise Spider Graph

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Or, download the latest Brochure for MAIDEO, the latest maturity model for project-based organizations:

   Download link MAIDEO Brochure May 2024